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Publication Date: 18 Oct 2018
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The Righteous Spy

Merle Nygate

Eli Amiram is Mossad’s star spy runner and the man responsible for bringing unparalleled intelligence to the Israeli agency. Now, he’s leading an audacious operation in the UK that feeds his ambition but threatens his conscience.

The British and the Americans have intel Mossad desperately need. To force MI6 and the CIA into sharing their priceless information, Eli and his maverick colleague Rafi undertake a risky mission to trick their allies: faking a terrorist plot on British soil.

But in the world of espionage, the game is treacherous, opaque and deadly…

A twisting international spy novel, The Righteous Spy is an intriguing tale of espionage that portrays a clandestine world in which moral transgressions serve higher causes. A must-read for fans of Homeland, Fauda and The Americans, it will also appeal to readers of Charles Cumming and John le Carré.

REVIEWS FOR The Righteous Spy

'A tense, compelling thriller, The Righteous Spy combines the high drama of a spy story with a clear-eyed telling of the grubby compromises and betrayals that are the reality of agents’ lives. With vividly drawn characterisation and a gripping plot, I couldn’t put it down'
- Harriet Tyce, author of Blood Orange

'Le Carre meets Homeland - The Righteous Spy is a must read for fans of fast paced and intelligent thrillers'
- Leigh Russell, author of the million-copy selling DI Geraldine Steel series

'Intriguing and atmospheric. Merle Nygate is a writer to watch'
- Charles Cumming

'Relentless - goes where le Carré fears to tread. Merle Nygate’s characters, their tradecraft and their dramas leap off the page in a spy tale that is as gripping as it is authentic'
- Martin Fletcher, author of Promised Land